My Morning Routine at Work

Lifestyle Blog July 30, 2018

Living on my own and doing everything for myself hasn’t always been a walk in the park but over the years, I found ways to make everything efficient and enjoyable.

I’m slightly OCD and like to have everything planned out. I usually meal plan, and make food for my work lunches as well as my dinners. They’re always easy but delicious. I throw in a granola bar, some cheese, fruits and a yogurt.

We’re very fortunate at NLCHI and have freshly brewed coffee each morning with milk and sugar provided. I take full advantage of that by making a cup of coffee first thing in the morning after I get to work. As I make my coffee, I also prepare my water which consists of a slice of lemon and fresh mint leaves that I grow at home. I take my vitamins with my water and have my yogurt with granola. As I sip my coffee, I write out my To Do list in my Day Designer. I absolutely LOVE my Day Designer; it’s literally the perfect agenda for someone like myself. Each page allows you to write you 3 top To Dos, other key items like due dates, money you owe, dinner plans and ‘don’t forgets’ right at the top under a motivational quote. It provides hourly task boxes to chunk activities and meetings in a realistic way. And at the bottom, it has a little box for notes and ‘gratitude’ which helps you start the day on a really positive note.

I always feel really sure of what I’m going to be tackling that day when I have everything laid out for me. Often times, I have the same project I’m working on several days or weeks in a row. I still continue to write it down, it helps re-establish it’s importance but also is a great way to assess your productivity when you look back.

Now that I work full-time, I really treasure this morning time that I’ve made for myself and feel as though I personally benefit from it greatly. The simple pleasures in life are truly what make every day fulfilling for me because I do extremely well when I have a consistent routine. Throughout the day, I listen to either podcasts or music (I’m really boring, I listen to one instrumental song on repeat and have been for years now called “Intro” by The XX).

I have a very laid back work environment and my productivity is largely dependent on my personal ability to stay concentrated throughout the day. My goal now is to be up earlier for work and to reduce my time on my phone during work hours. I’ve been watching videos on how to be an early riser, but it’s definitely still a major hurdle for me!

If you have other ways that help you start your day off right, let me know šŸ™‚


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