Nighttime Routine

Lifestyle Blog August 1, 2018

As soon as I get home from the gym (after work), I change into my PJs which is usually a pair of comfy bottoms and a t-shirt. Taking off my make-up is perhaps my single most favourite part of the day. I love putting it on and love how it looks, but after wearing it all day at work and then sweating at the gym, I am more than excited to get it off my face, ASAP.

I wash my face with water just to start moving some of that product off my face and then I go in with two cotton swabs and make-up remover. I use my MIA 2 Clarisonic with Olehenriksen face wash to really get right into the pores and do a complete deep clean. Often times, I’ll go in with my favourite scrub the Olehenriksen facial sauna scrub. I moisturize with Hope in a Jar night cream and eye cream and if I have active break-down (which I usually do), I’ll go in with a spot treatment using EradiKate. I’ve tried a lot of different products over the years and I would hands down recommend both the Clarisonic and EradiKate to anyone looking for acne prone skin remedies. I use them both on a daily basis for make-up removal and spot treatment.



Flossing, brushing and mouth wash are obvious ones but Tyler and I recently invested in the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush. It’s been about 3 months and I can feel a few differences. My gums are healthier, my teeth are whiter and I can get into the very back of my mouth with the brush. So overall, I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new toothbrush. PS- We bought ours at Costco for a fraction of the price!

I’ve been listening to audio books through my Audible app every day while I’ve washed my face and brushed my teeth. It’s usually at least 15mins which is enough time for one chapter. I’m currently listening to “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

Now that the obvious parts of my night are done with, I want to get into why I actually wanted to write this blog post. There are two things I do every night that have had an incredible impact on both my mental health as well as how I respond to stressful situations.  We’ve been really lucky that everywhere we’ve lived so far, I’ve been able to have a yoga room. In this new house, I’ve made my yoga room both my space for peace but also as a guest bedroom when needed. A 15mins yoga practice is all that I feel I need most nights, because I usually always get a workout during the day either at the gym or at soccer twice a week. I usually practice yoga with videos on Youtube and ‘Yoga with Adriene’ is by far the best one. I’ll always light up a candle or turn on my diffuser from Saje with oils like ‘Yoga” or “Eucalyptus.” Often times Oreo will come in with me and try and figure out what I’m doing. This very short practice helps me forget the day and lets me live with my breath. It’s an escape from my head and a chance to live freely in the moment with complete awareness. A lot of us go through the day without getting out of our heads and it can get extremely fatiguing. Both prayer and yoga have helped me do that when I do it with the right intention.


When I finally get into bed, I’ll usually write in my notebook. It’s not a diary, it’s my gratitude notebook which is different. I write down at least three gratitudes  for the day and on days I have a hard time thinking of any, it’ll usually be about Oreo. My frame of mind has slowly shifted with this practice. I feel as though, no matter how bad or difficult a situation is, this practice has forced me to acknowledge the good in every day. I’ll admit, I’ve skipped days when I just couldn’t possibly bring myself to do it but the more I make it a habit, the easier it’s been to see that there’s always so much we can be grateful for.

My nighttime routine is one I have perfected over the years, there’s still a few things I’d like to incorporate but life is always a work in progress and half the fun is the process to get there.


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