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Discipline is Power

Lifestyle Blog February 8, 2019

I always knew I was a motivated and driven person. I had clear goals that were achievable in my mind and I had a game plan for how I’d make it all come to fruition. But sadly, I wasn’t able to achieve a lot of the goals I set for myself. There are a variety of reasons why I wasn’t able to but the biggest one was my lack of discipline.

Discipline is often perceived with negative connotations and something I’ve associated with control and a lack of freedom. But it’s a skill and a value that creates the road to success in a way that is unparalleled to any other value be it accountability, innovation, hard work or perseverance. And I’ll explain why. Discipline is the difference between being in control of your future and letting your environment dictate your destiny. In a time where immediate gratification is prized, we end up seeking our immediate pleasures sacrificing the depth and happiness that comes from working toward goals.


I’ve always been someone that was excited by fleeting ideas that range from wacky or extremely unlikely. They are also the reason I feel a lot of motivation to get things STARTED. While that’s great, it doesn’t serve me in a way that allows for success and productivity. It often does the exact opposite. I’m always excited by the idea of a new project, new business idea, a book, a website, new hobby (cupcake baking, rug weaving etc). I make a lot of time for planning and envisioning the final product and how wonderful it’ll be when I complete it. BUT I hardly ever get to that point and here’s why:

  • The inspiration or spark of joy I get from starting a project is fleeting and doesn’t provide the motivation to complete the task
  • Motivation is NOT enough to complete a task, let alone be successful and productive with it
  • There wasn’t forethought into why I needed to do that project and how I would complete it with all the other demands of my life in a realistic way
  • Lastly, there wasn’t an ounce of strategy that was used and it was all for FUN, rather than it serving a PURPOSE

What I’ve found is that I haven’t worked on disciplining myself. I have ALWAYS wanted things and wanted them right when I wanted them. However, as I got older, everything I valued and wanted to achieve became less tangible and more complicated. Medical School, being a runner, practicing yoga, painting and even becoming a better cook required consistent and deliberate work. I did not have the foundation to maintain a routine and I simply didn’t feel up to it. I just HOPED things would simply work out. Here’s my reality: I am not in medical school, I’m not a runner, I don’t practice yoga daily, I’m not any better at painting since I was in high school and I only cook rice and chicken and that’s all I eat.

I’m not ashamed or putting myself down, these are the realities and this is an area I’d like to work on. I do not have discipline and it’s the reason why I have more clothes and credit card debt than what is reasonable. So, let’s figure this out. How can I cultivate discipline into my life in health moderation to advance my personal, professional and financial goals?

I don’t actually have a plan at the moment but something I’m working on is keeping my word to myself and establishing a routine that I don’t compromise. Fighting again the comfort and instant pleasures because my body and mind will resist the change and growth. Feeling lazy is inherently being human, we want to find the easiest and quickest way to achieve all our goals. Saving energy and time is important, but not at the cost of undermining my own abilities. Shifting the focus to the process and the smaller steps rather than the outcome and the bigger steps. Success is all about persistence and discipline is the road to that success. It’s also not completely about success, because with discipline you see personal growth, results that came about directly from the work you put in and setting goals provides meaning to every day in a way that can’t be reduced to a word (ie success).

The Recipe for All things Good

Lifestyle Blog August 29, 2018

There’s a positive correlation between desirable outcomes in life and happiness; marriage, comfortable income and friends. There’s also a positive correlation between success and attractive people; attractive people tend to get more opportunities, more free things and so conceivably are more happy (because they get more).  There’s also the possibility of reverse causality; happy people are more prone to better life outcomes.

What if I was to tell you that you could be happy, successful and beautiful all at the same time? Would you believe me? Is there really a recipe to achieve this? Why hasn’t anyone else told you this? And why on earth should you believe someone on the internet. I don’t have any credentials, I’m not famous or rich and I am definitely not on billboards for my beauty but I still think I have tapped into something amazing yet so simple that I thought I’d share it.

So here it goes:

To be happy: say yes to things you love and commit to them and say no to things that hurt you or don’t serve you. That friend that is always saying lets go to India on an adventure and it’s been your dream to go with her since you were a kid. Well, go do it. Saying no has always been hard for me and letting people down is so hard for me to bare, so instead I say I’d love that but we’ll see or I’m not sure, let me get back to you. Choosing what you occupy your time and energy with, to me the most important aspect of achieving happiness. For me it’s being outside with my boys and being active.

To be successful: do what you love.

If you don’t wake up every (most) morning not excited to start your day, then that’s an indication that you are not excited about your daily life. Waiting for those fun vacations is great, but it’s sort-lived and usually expensive. For many people, the realities of life require them to work jobs they don’t love to survive, but it also means they lead lifestyles that do n’t promote their well-being. Finding what ignites your passion for life is the first step to being successful. Doing what you love may also not always require you to quit the job that pays your bills, but finding the thing that turns every day into a mundane routine into an adventure will ultimately lead you to a place of success.


Beauty: Take care of you both on the outside and inside.

We’ve all heard it before, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ right? be the beholder of yourself by loving and accepting yourself wholeheartedly. It doesn’t come naturally to anyone considering we are in an environment that is constantly bombarding us with products and gimmicks to enhance or alter our physical appearances. But to wholehearted acceptance is when you acknowledge the things you don’t like but choosing to love yourself anyway. Because if you can’t love yourself, how will you ever love someone else.

Lastly, I want to leave you with this:

Feeling low is okay, just as feeling high is okay too. If we were constantly at a high in life, we would have a hard time dealing with the realities of this world. Life is messy and that is why it is beautiful. Make peace with your internal enemies and demons, befriend them and love them because they are you and you deserve to be loved wholly and completely and that starts with you.


The Big Secret to Happiness

Lifestyle Blog August 1, 2017

I’ve decided to do a few things, here is my list:

  1. Devote my energy to what I love

This one bullet is a hundred bullets of what I love. I love yoga, meditation, painting, spending time with loved ones, eating, watching movies, research, science, medicine, hiking, running, sports, crochet and knitting, travelling and learning new languages. Instead, I’ve been dividing my energy to what I love with a constant worry of not achieving everything else I want in the meantime and constantly worrying about failing. I am constantly worrying about how much more there is that I want to do and the panic that sets in disrupts the harmony of my thoughts, actions and words. I want to achieve so much, but I am not investing in me the way I would like to. I want to invest in everything I love at 100%.  To soak up every ray of sunshine when it’s out, to dance in the rain, to love the chair I sit in when I study for my MCAT every day, to drink that cup of coffee with gratitude for it’s warmth and present the work I do in epidemiology with the passion I have for it. Instead of focusing on why I don’t feel happy about where I am, I’m going to redirect that energy back into fueling my inner drive and focusing on ME.

For months, I was excited every day to write my goals of the day in my calendar. I wrote down my supper plans, notes, to do lists, and finally my daily gratitude. This was the most exciting part of my morning. There was a sense of accomplishment when I could check off each item throughout the day. But, I also wrote what I was grateful for in that moment. Often times, I had to write more than one and not have enough space in that tiny box I was allotted.

I watched a TED talk by Shawn Achor several years ago and it changed the way I thought about happiness, productivity and life in general. He said the answer to happiness, productivity and life fulfillment was in gratitude; being thankful for the little things. But not passively grateful, physically writing down three things we were grateful every day. I heard this advice echoed again and again in other TED talks, self-help books and by my therapist. A month ago, I stopped writing in my calendar and I attributed my lack of productivity to that (as well as other personal turmoil)  but it was that I stopped writing down something I was grateful for each day.


So how will I do everything? Simple. I am just going to do it because I can and because I want to do it for me and because it makes me happy. I’ll do it with every ounce of my being, with dedication, love, acceptance and awareness, and with purpose and on purpose. AND being grateful for all the wonderful surprises that come along the way.

Let’s start!